On behalf of the Moving Forward family, we want you to know how much we are thinking of you in this difficult time. We are doing everything we can to help the dance community and further the training of our young artists especially during this time. We hope you and your family are safe and healthy. 

Much love,

Madison Hicks


Our Mission

Moving Forward was created to nurture the thriving Dallas dance community. Our Mission is to give participants an unforgettable, invaluable, and inspirational experience through the power of dance and art. We create a safe environment where students feel inspired and encouraged to push their creativity and physicality. We promote creation of new choreography. We strive to bring fresh current ideas and a lens into the ever-evolving dance world into the thriving Dallas community. 

Core Values

  • Giving students a lens into the professional dance experience.

  • Nurturing creative minds and artistic voices

  • Providing an open and welcoming environment for students to feel comfortable to push their physical, emotional, and mental abilities.

  • Removing the idea of student/teacher absolute

  • Mentoring and forging lasting bonds with students.


Stay connected



Please consider giving a small charitable donation to Moving Forward. Your contribution will help further the training of our community and contribute to our college scholarship fund and outreach program. Every donation is tax deductible.

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